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  • GCalc
    graph function radian degree graphing calculator

    status: freeware

    screenshot: GCalc GCalc - The Free Online Graphing Calculator. In fact, it's not just online - you can download it as well. It's written in Java, so it's platform independent, but it's just the top of the iceberg... Features of GCalc:

    • Unlimited number of functions, many built-in functions, function list management, trigonometric/inverse functions, hyperbolic trigonometric/inverse functions
    • FAST (almost instant) graphing
    • Pre-programmed zooms and user-defined graph window
    • Customizeable graph features (axes, scales, grids)
    • Multi-color graphs
    • Tracing
    • Symbolic (exact) differentiation
    • Radian/Degree modes
    • Graph Window (so your screen shots are more Graph than GCalc), a big graph screen, status bar

    Author:Jiho Kim
    Download: Download GCalc here! freeware!

    curve plotting surface drawing

    status: freeware

    screenshot: WinPlot Winplot is a general-purpose plotting utility, which can draw (and animate) curves and surfaces presented in a variety of formats.

    Author:Richard Parris
    Download: Download WinPlot here! freeware!

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